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English Determiner

English Determiner

Before vowel sounds

wani <KALMA> ɗaya

  1. A is used when the following word could be any of a certain type. <> (Hausa equivalent) Galibi ba a amfani da a a Hausa sai dai a kan iya cewa ko fassara a da wani (not often used in Hausa, however wani is a close equivalent).
  1. Compare "A book I saw on the shelf" and "The book I gave you yesterday".
  2. (English grammar) a is called the indefinite article in English.


  • If the following word starts with a vowel sound, then we use an instead.

Hausa Preposition

at, in, on, during

  1. A ranar nan. <> On that day.


A or a

  1. A is the first letter of the alphabet.
    The letter "a" comes before "b".

Letters of the Alphabet

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