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Current priorities:

  1. Words from 99 names of Allah
  2. Quran
    1. Suratul Kahf
    2. Bring over all available IRIB Tafseers (audio and texts) like Quran/18/IRIB_Hausa_Tafsir. When the first 27 or so Surahs are brought over... attempt to record your own Hausa translation of the Quran for a Hausa version of
  3. Transparent Language Hausa Course/Byki
    1. Category:Resources/Transparent_Language_Online/catalog
  4. SEO
  5. bbchausa verticals
  6. Category:Resources/Tatoeba_Sentences (About ~50 translated English-Hausa sentences.)
  7. menene kashin dankali "kashin+dankali"&oq="kashin+dankali"?
  8. reach -
  9. import Hausa lemmas on en.wikt (wi[) along with Hausa translations inside en.wikt.
  10. make search case insensitive and similar to mediawiki projects (e.g. insource:/regex/) and look into installing Extension:CirrusSearch [1] --Mon July 16 2018
  11. most viewed [2]
  12. = Wiki RedLinks (Does not Exist)
  13. Counting backlinks and search results via Google Apps Script [3] [4] [5]
  14. translatorswb
  15. Entries to be further researched and translated. See also
  16. menene "kwashe kashi" [6]?
  17. Category:SketchEngine example sentences
  18. Page 205 of Newman's English-Hausa Dictionary completed Sat Jan 12 2019.
  19. increase upload limit
  20. Bayero page 115 (du-) completed Wed Jan 23 2019.
  21. Names of spices, fruits and vegetables in English and Hausa

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