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Here are all the English and Hausa verbs that have been catalogued. <> A rukunin nan, ana samun kalmomin fi'ili wato kalmar aikatawa.

A verb is a kind of word that usually tells about an action or a state and is the main part of a sentence. In English, verbs are the only kind of word that changes to show past or present tense.

In English, almost all verbs have 6 forms but sometimes these different forms look the same:

  1. the plain present tense (go)
  2. the 3rd person present tense (goes)
  3. the past tense (went)
  4. the plain form or infinitive (go)
  5. the gerund-participle (going)
  6. the past participle (gone)

Note: This category includes all the above forms.


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