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Created page with "===Pronunciation=== *{{UK}} {{IPA|/ðəʊ/}}, {{SAMPA|/D@U/}} *{{US}} {{IPA|/ðoʊ/}}, {{SAMPA|/DoU/}} * {{audio|en-us-though.ogg|Audio (US)}} ==Preposition== {{preposition..."
*{{UK}} {{IPA|/ðəʊ/}}, {{SAMPA|/D@U/}}
*{{US}} {{IPA|/ðoʊ/}}, {{SAMPA|/DoU/}}
* {{audio|en-us-though.ogg|Audio (US)}}

# When you use "'''Though''' x, y" or "y '''though''' x", y is [[surprising]], [[contrasting]], or [[unimportant]]. <> kalmar nuna mamaki ko rashin muhimmanci. [[duk da dai]]. amma [[dai]].
#: '''''Though''' he talked very loudly, she did not hear him.''
#: ''She did not hear him '''though''' he talked very loudly.''
#: ''There was a real, '''though''' small, problem.''
# When '''though''' comes at the end of a clause, it shows it is [[surprising]], [[contrasting]], or [[unimportant]].
#: ''That's sound great. It's difficult '''though'''.''

* [[although]]

* even though


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