UMD NFLC Hausa Lessons/128 The Special Session of the National Assembly

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  1. Lesson Title: The Special Session of the National Assembly
  2. This is an interview with a political analyst about Nigerien politics.
  3. Language: Hausa
  4. Topic: Economics/Politics
  5. ILR Level: 2+/3
  6. ACTFL Proficiency: Superior, Advanced-High
  7. This ACTFL rating is an approximation based on the ILR level
  8. Modality: Listening
  9. Learning Objective: Maintenance & Improvement
  10. Subject Area: Language
  11. Material Type: LLO
  12. Publication Year: 2009
  13. ObjectID: T8LHA02


Transcript Translation


Items Explanations
mai hwashin bakin (lit: one who breaks the dark or the word) political interpretation
tashe-tashen hankali well-known disputes
CENI (abbr. for Commission Electorale Nationale Indépendente) National Independent Electoral Commission (French)
gyaran huska (lit: shaving the face) reform
tube rigunan kariya (lit: to take off a protection vest) dismissing
a nau gani as I see it
dogon nazari (lit: long research) studied this thoroughly
ina cikin wa’yanda *Ina cikin wa’yandais mainly used in Niger."
jaka-in-jaka (lit: pulling one another) it won’t work the way they want it


1. Nigerien Politics and the National Assembly

Niger has had a history of political corruption and instability since the country became a sovereign nation in 1960. The government has been run by both military and civilian leaders, with each successive leader making changes to the constitution and government policies. The country is currently governed by the president, the prime minister, and the National Assembly. The National Assembly has fallen from public favor recently because of the wage and stipend increases that they have scheduled for themselves.

2. More Information

For more information about Niger’s National Assembly, please consult the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s Web site Niger; Assemblée nationale, which can be found at this link: