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  1. Lesson Title: US House Funds Combat Diseases-This is a report about fighting diseases.
  2. Language: Hausa
  3. Topic: Defense/Security
  4. ILR Level: 1+/2
  5. ACTFL Proficiency: Advanced-Mid, Advanced-Low, Intermediate-High; This ACTFL rating is an approximation based on the ILR level
  6. Modality: Listening
  7. Learning Objective: Maintenance & Improvement
  8. Subject Area: Language
  9. Material Type: LO
  10. Publication Year: 2008
  11. ObjectID: HAUS_12653

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Original Translation

Majalisar wakilan tarayya ta Amerika ta zantas da wani kudurin da zai ninka kudin agaji

A: Majalisar wakilan tarayya ta Amurka ta zartas da wani kudurin da zai ninka kudin agajin da Amurka take bayarwa domin yakar kanjamau da zazzabin cizon sauro ko malariya, da kuma tarin fuka a fadin duniya har sau uku.

Cikin sauki majilasar ta zartar da wannan kudurin a jiya Alhamis, bayan da ita ma majalisar dattijai ta zartar da shi a makon jiya. Shugaba George Bush wanda yake goyon bayan wannan matakin sosai da sosai, ya ce zai rattaba hannu kan kudurin ya zama doka da zarar ya isa kan taburinsa. Kudurin zai samar da kudi dala miliyan dubu arba'in da takwas a cikin shekaru biyar, domin samar da magunguna da kula da lafiyar masu fama wadannan cututtuka. A shekarar dubu biyu da uku ne shuguba Bush tare da goyon bayan majalisar dokoki ya kadamar da wanna shiri da kason farko na kudi dala miliyan dubu goma sha biyar cikin shekaru biyar.

Mr. Bush ya ce a lokacin da aka fara aiwatar da shirin a dubu biyu da uku, mutane dubu hamsin ne kawai suke samun magungunan kashe kaifin cutar kanjamau a kasashen bakar-fatar. Afirka. Yace a yau, mutane miliayan daya da dubu dari bakwai suke karbar wannan maganin a fadin duniya karkarshin shirin.

The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution to triple funds to fight AIDS, malaria and TB

A: The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a resolution that will triple the money that the U.S. donates to fight AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis around the world.

The House easily passed the resolution on Thursday, after the Senate passed it last week. President George Bush, who has strongly supported this program, said that he would sign the resolution into law as soon as it reached his desk. The resolution would allocate 48 billion dollars over five years to provide medicines and health care to persons suffering from the diseases. In 2003 President Bush, with the support of Congress, launched this program with an initial grant of 15 billion dollars over five years.

Mr. Bush said that when the program was first undertaken in 2003, only 50,000 people were receiving anti-retroviral drugs in black African countries. Today, he said, 1.7 million people around the world are getting the medication under the program.


Hausa English Meaning
Kaddamar da "Undertake," "set up"
Mataki "Step," "plan," or "resolution" refers to taking a step in the text.
Aiwatar da "To go ahead with/carry out," "operate" refers to using/carrying out the plan.
Kaifi "Sharp," "spicy," "hot," "cutting edge" refers to the seriousness of a disease. _Kashe kaifin cutar_ means "to kill the sharpness of the disease," which, for example, refers to killing or weakening a virus, such as HIV.
Ninka "Double," "triple," "multiply by..."
Cikin Sauki "Softly," "slowly," "easily" refers to doing something easily or without resistance.
Sossai da sossai "A lot," "more and more": Repeating the word stresses the seriousness of the action.
karkashin shirin "Under the plan/resolution"
kasan farko "First part/share"
radaba hannu "Sign"


US House Funds Combat Diseases

1. Different countries and organizations have participated in donating to fight diseases, especially in Africa. The US is said to be the biggest global donor, giving over thirty percent of the total funding against diseases, especially HIV/AIDS and malaria. The US 303-115 vote received Bush’s support for the five-year, $48 billion plan. The plan has also received approval and criticism from the American public. “While some GOP conservatives questioned the sharp spending increase, others said the US aid had important security as well as moral implications and gave a needed boost to America’s reputation abroad.”

2. Some organizations such as Global Fund have reported positive outcomes from the aid given to countries with the diseases. Global Fund’s 5-year result of 2006 estimated 1.25 lives saved from the $3.2 billion grants, with 75% of the grants being used adequately, and the 94% of the programmatic targets achieved. “In regards to HIV and AIDS, the report showed that 1.2 million orphans had been provided with basic care and support, and 770,000 people had been placed on antiretroviral AIDS therapy as a result of Global Fund money. An update from May 2007 boosted the figure for people [receiving] antiretroviral therapy to 1.1 million, and also reported that 2.8 million people had received treatment for tuberculosis under the Directly Observed Therapy Scheme, and 30 million insecticide-treated bed nets had been distributed to help prevent the spread of malaria.

CONTENT SOURCE: Ahmed Alpha Ibrahim (2008, July 26). The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution to triple funds to fight AIDS, malaria and TB. Labarun Duniya Washington, DC: Voice of America. You selected a Learning Object that offers practice on this objective: Demonstrate your comprehension.

Content Description: This is a report about fighting diseases.