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  1. Lesson Title: World Environment Day in Kano-This is a report on the World Environment Day commemoration in Kano, Nigeria.
  2. Language: Hausa
  3. Topic: Economics/Politics
  4. ILR Level: 1+/2
  5. ACTFL Proficiency: Advanced-Mid, Advanced-Low, Intermediate-High; This ACTFL rating is an approximation based on the ILR level
  6. Modality: Listening
  7. Learning Objective: Maintenance & Improvement
  8. Subject Area: Language
  9. Material Type: LO
  10. Publication Year: 2008
  11. ObjectID: HAUS_12634


Original Translation

Shirye shiryen gudanar da bikin ranar mahalli ta duniya a ma'aikatar mahalli ta Kano

A: A yayin da gwamnatoci kuma kungiyoyi masu zaman kansu ke shirye shiryen gudanar da bikin ranar muhalli ta duniya a gobe Alhamis, ma'aikatar mahalli ta jihar Kano tace ta ware tuwasu fiye da miliyan daya don daddasawa a sassan da ke fadin jihar Kano. Kwamishinan ma'aikatar muhalli, Alhaji Garba Yusuf Abubakar, ya sanar da haka yayin wata hira da suka yi da wakilinmu, Mahmud Ibrahim Kwari .

B: Alhaji Garba Yusuf Abubakar, ya yi bayanin cewa za a kaddamar da bikin raba dashen itatuwan na matakin jiha a gobe Alhamis, kasancewarta ranar muhalli ta duniya kamar yadda Majalisar Dinkin Duniya ta kebe. Kwamishinan ya ce ma'aikatarsa ta raba jihar Kano zuwa shiyya hudu, domin tabbatar da cewa daukacin al'ummar jihar sun sami irin bishiyoyin. Yana mai cewa nan gaba kadan ne, idan damina ta kankama, za'a kaddamar da rabon itatuwan na gama-gari.

Alhaji Garba Yusuf Abubakar ya ce ma'aikatar mahalli ta jihar Kano za ta dauki matakan cusa akidar kula da bishiyoyi bayan an dasa su, a kokarinta na kare kwararowar hamada a sassan jihar Kano. Alhaji Garba Yusuf Abubakar ya ce majalisar zartaswa ta jihar ta amince a fitar da naira miliyan sittin domin gudanar da aikin yasar magudanun ruwa a sassan birnin Kano.

Kano Ministry of environment braces for World Environment Day celebration

A: As governments and non-governmental organizations prepare to celebrate World Environment Day on Thursday, the Kano State Ministry of Environment says it has set aside more than a million seedlings to plant throughout the Kano State. The Commissioner for Environment, Alhaji Garba Yusuf Abubakar, made this known during an interview with our correspondent, Mahmud Ibrahim Kwari.

B: Alhaji Garba Yusuf Abubakar explained that tree seedlings will be distributed statewide during a ceremony held tomorrow, Thursday, coinciding with World Environment Day as commemorated by the United Nations. The commissioner said that his ministry has divided Kano State into four zones to ensure that every community in the state receives seedlings. He said that as soon as the rainy season begins, general distribution of the seedlings will also begin.

Alhaji Garba Yusuf Abubakar said the Kano State Ministry of Environment would take measures to instill in people the importance of nurturing the trees once they have been planted, in an effort to check desert encroachment in parts of the Kano State. Alhaji Garba Yusuf Abubakar said the State's Executive Council had approved a budget of sixty million Naira to clear drainage systems in parts of Kano City.


Hausa term English meaning
masu zaman kansu "Who sit on their heads" refers to a person or entity that does not depend on others, but has the capacity to provide for themselves. In this context, non-governmental organizations are usually referred to as such. The phrase is also used to refer to women who are single, sometimes in a negative way.
tuwasu The item is the plural form of _tushe_ (plant), meaning "tree-seedlings" in the text.
Alhaji The item refers to a male pilgrim going to Mecca and is also used as a symbol of respect, wealth, and class.
na gama gari "Mix town matter" is used with the idea of expansion. In this context, the tree distribution and planting campaign is a major event that will cover the whole State.
majalisar zartawa "Executive council"
cusa adikar... "Law enforcement"


World Environment Day in Kano

1. World Environment Day was established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly as environment concerns rose around the world. It is hosted by a different city with a different theme every year.

Northern Nigeria, like many other regions of the Sahel, the zone between the humid areas to the south and the Sahara Desert to the north of West Africa, is facing environmental problems. From desertification, industrialization, soil erosion, floods, and human practices that degrade the environment, the impact is evident in the scarcity of vegetation, reduction of precipitation, and decreasing agricultural production. In seeking a resolution to these environmental problems and the perception of the relationship between development and the quality of environment, Nigerian authorities have been prompted to structure a national framework that will give priority to the issue of the environment and measures that would reconcile environmental imperatives with development goals. The launching of War Against Indiscipline in 1984—which declared each last Saturday of the month Environmental Sanitation Day for the whole country—the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) established in 1988, and the Federal Ministry of Environment created in 1999, are among the actions and policies taken in response to environmental problems and the integration of environmental concerns with the national and local development policies.

Like many Sahelian countries, planting trees during monsoons is a national action taken against the progressing Sahara in Nigeria.

CONTENT SOURCE: Usman, Mahmud Ibrahim Kwari, Halima Umar Sani (2008, June 4). Kano Ministry of environment braces for World Environment Day celebration . Mu Leka Mu Gano Sharada Industrial Estate, Kano: Radio Freedom .

You selected a Learning Object that offers practice on this objective: Demonstrate your comprehension.

Content Description: This is a report on the World Environment Day commemoration in Kano, Nigeria.


         <stim>For whom is the report intended and what is its focus?</stim>
         <fdbk>The report is addressed to the local and international listeners of Freedom Radio, to inform them about the authorities' plans for the World Environment Day commemoration and the significance of planting trees in the region.</fdbk>
         <hint>Consider the text's type, the occasion, and the institutions concerned. Please refer to the Notes to learn more about World Environment Day.</hint>
         <stim>How do Kano authorities plan the state's reforestation?</stim>
         <fdbk>Alhaji Yusuf Abubakar explained that there would be a statewide distribution of tree-seedlings on World Environment Day followed by sectional distribution when monsoons have settled.</fdbk>
         <hint>Consider the description of the activities that would mark the commemoration as reported from the commissioner's statement.</hint>
         <stim>What determines the time for a general distribution of plants?</stim>
         <fdbk>Precipitation is a determinative factor because of the suitability of soil due to moisture from monsoons at the  point when they settle.</fdbk>
         <hint>Think about the arid nature of the region due to desert progression. Consider the condition cited by the Environment Ministry commissioner.
Please refer to the Learn More section for insight.</hint>
         <stim>Which follow up actions are planned by the Kano State Ministry of Environment?</stim>
         <fdbk>As a follow up, they would oversee and enforce regulations on tree maintainance and proceed with urban sanitation.</fdbk>
         <hint>Pay attention to how the ministry is going to interact with people, and what sixty million Niare are intended for.</hint>
         <stim>What is implied about the actions undertaken by Kano State authorities to commemorate World Environment Day?</stim>
         <fdbk>Environmental protection is a global issue and Kano State has a role to play as it faces consequences of desertification, urbanization, and climate change.</fdbk>
         <hint>Consider the scope of the celebration and the sectors that Kano State authorities are focusing on. Visit the Learn More section for information about desertification in Nigeria.</hint>
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         <category>Background Information</category>
         <note>1. The extent and severity of desertification in Nigeria has not been fully established neither the rate of its progression properly documented. Nevertheless, it is estimated that the country is currently losing about 351,000 hectares of its landmass to desert conditions annually, and such conditions are estimated to be advancing southwards at the rate of about 0.6km per year. Desertification, which is affecting the 10 northern States is considered as the most pressing environmental problem and accounts for about 73% out of the estimated total cost of about US$5.110 billion per annum the country is losing arising from environmental degradation.

Government has taken cognizance of the multi-sectoral problems of desertification. In this regard, it has developed a number of policies and plans ranging from agricultural to energy. Some of the policies relevant to desertification control include the National Policy on the Environment and the National Agricultural Policy.</note>
         <note>1. _Damina ta kankama_ (the middle of the monsoons) is usually the best time to plant trees in the arid regions of the Sahel because of the moisture that compensate for irrigation which is almost inexistent on wide range areas like roads, and fields where trees are planted as windshields.

2. _Magudanar ruwa_ (the channels) are often used for a variety of practices ranging from cleaning, watering, to obtaining drinking water for animals, thus they get polluted.

3. Tree-seedling distribution is a common practice of West African governments to provide plants to their populations to raise awareness on the need to fight desertification.</note>
         <note>1. _Damina_, also _damana_, refers to the monsoon season.</note>