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  1. Lesson Title: On a Potential Teacher Strike-This is a report about teachers' strikes in Nigeria.
  2. Language: Hausa
  3. Topic: Economics/Politics
  4. ILR Level: 1+/2
  5. ACTFL Proficiency: Advanced-Mid, Advanced-Low, Intermediate-High; This ACTFL rating is an approximation based on the ILR level
  6. Modality: Listening
  7. Learning Objective: Maintenance & Improvement
  8. Subject Area: Language
  9. Material Type: LO
  10. Publication Year: 2008
  11. ObjectID: HAUS_12650


Original Translation

Kungiyar malaman kolejoji ta tarayya sun fara tunanin tafiya yajin aiki

A. Kungiyar Malaman Kwalejojin Ilmi ta Taraiya dake fadin kasarnan, sunyi wata ganawa a makon jiya na bawa gwamnati wa’adi a kan suma a duba nasu matsalolin ko kuma su bi sahu. Na sami tattaunawa da shugaban kungiyar malaman ta kasa reshen kwalejin ilmi ta taraiya dake nan Kano, kwamared Ibrahim Garba Satima, ya Kuma zaiyana min dalilai guda uku, da zasu jawo fara yajin aikin nasu. B. ranar da muke sa rai d a fara yajin aikin nan shine ashirin da tara ga wannan wata na Yuli, nan da ‘yan makonni biyu kenan matukar gwamnati bata kira an kokarin daidaitawa ba. Muhimman batutuwa guda uku ne. Na daya, akwai maganar cewa malaman mu suna ritaya, ko suna kare aiki daga shekara sittin, wanda ba haka yake ba a manyan makarantu, muna so a maida shi shekaru sittin da biyar. Sannan muna so a sami tsarin albashi na matakin goma sha biyar a kolejojin ilmi na tarayyar Najeriya gaba daya, sannan kuma abu na uku, muna son sakamako na tantancewa da hukumar jami’o’i ta yiwa wasu kwalejoji, a fitar da wannan sakamako, ta yadda zai bada dama, wasu kwalejojin da suka cancanta, su ringa bada digiri a wadannan makarantu nasu. A. Na sami tambayarsa ko sun baiwa gwamnati wa’adi, ko kuma zasu tafi yajin aikin ne kai tsaye? B. Matukar ba a daidaita ba kamar yadda muka ambata, za a tafi wannan yajin aiki ashirin da tara ga wannan watan.

Federal College Teachers' union threatens to go on strike

A. The Nigerian Colleges of Education Academic Staff Union held a meeting last week and issued a deadline for the government to look into the group’s issues or they will join others in a strike. I had a conversation with the President of the Union’s Kano State College of Education branch, Comrade Ibrahim Garba Satatima, and he enumerated three reasons that would cause them to begin striking.

B. The date we have set to begin this strike is the 29th of this month, July, meaning in two weeks’ time, if the government refuses to bring us in to negotiate. There are three important issues. First, there is the issue of our teachers being retired, or ending their careers at the age of sixty, which is not the case in institutions of higher learning, and we want this age to be changed to sixty-five. Then we want grade level 15 to be included in the salary structure of Colleges of Education throughout Nigeria. And third, we want the National Universities Commission to release their findings on visitation at certain colleges of education, so that deserving colleges may become degree-awarding institutions.

A. I asked him if they had given the government a deadline, or if they were going to go on strike immediately.

B. As long as there are no negotiations as I mentioned, the strike will go ahead on the 29th of this month.


Hausa term English meaning
makon jiya "Yesterday's week" implies "last week."
bi sahu "To join a line of" means "to follow" or "to proceed."
sa rai "To put life in" means "to expect" or "to hope."
tsarin albashi "Salary plan," in the text, refers to the government's increased salary for Nigerian teachers.
kwamared (komrad) "Associate" or "member [of the union]," in the text, comes from the English "comrade."
daidaitawa "To level," "to arrange," or "to come to an agreement"
kai tsaye "Head standing/up/straight" means, in the text, "directly" or "proceed right away."


On a Potential Teacher Strike

1. Courtesy of the oil boom years of the 1970s, tertiary education was expanded to reach every sub region of Nigeria. The Federal Government and the State Governments were previously the only bodies licensed to operate universities in Nigeria. Recently, licenses have also been granted to individuals, corporate bodies and religious bodies to establish private universities in Nigeria. The National Universities Commission (NUC) is the major accreditation body that enforces uniform standard and sets admissions capacity of every university in Nigeria.

2. Nigeria Union of Teachers is a major trade union in Nigeria. It was formed to create a united front for practitioners of the teaching profession in the country. Major objectives of the union cover the improvement in economic conditions of teachers, an avenue for bringing forth ideas about the educational development of the country from the perspectives of teachers, and general economic security for teachers in the country.

3. In Nigeria, teachers are among the lowest paid professionals, working in conditions that need improvement. The Nigeria Union of Teachers started a strike in June, demanding that the government implement a promised enhanced salary plan that has been in negotiation for years. The union was supported by other associations like the union representing college teachers and the Nigeria Labor Congress.

CONTENT SOURCE: Ahmad Garzali Yakubu (2008, July 23). Federal College Teachers' union threatens to go on strike. Inda Ranka - Sashen al'amuran yau da kullum Sharada Industrial Estates, Kano: Freedom Radio - Muryar jama,a.

You selected a Learning Object that offers practice on this objective: Demonstrate your comprehension.

Content Description: This is a report about teachers' strikes in Nigeria.


         <stim>What audience is this report addressed to and what is its purpose?</stim>
         <fdbk>The report is meant to inform the national and international listeners of Freedom Radio in Kano State about the intention of Nigerian college teachers to strike.</fdbk>
         <hint>Consider the reporter's introduction of Ibrahim Garba Shetima and please listen again to the first statement of the report.</hint>
         <stim>What event did the Federal College Teachers Union hold last week and  what was its purpose?</stim>
         <fdbk>The Federal College Teachers Union held a meeting to discuss their ultimatum to the government.</fdbk>
         <hint>Consider the union's relationship with the government as described in the report and the situation in Nigerian education. Please refer to the Notes for details.</hint>
         <stim>What decision was made at the meeting of the Federal College Teachers Union?</stim>
         <fdbk>If the government fails to bring the union to negotiations by July 29, the union will go on strike on this date.</fdbk>
         <hint>Note the date of July 29th and consider the use of  the words _suma_  and _bi sahu_  in the beginning of the report.</hint>
         <stim>On what grounds do the college teachers base their strike?</stim>
         <fdbk>The Federal Teachers Union demands the government increase the retirement age from 60 to 65, the teachers' salary structure, and  evaluate prominent issues in Nigerian universities. The union would go on strike if the government does not address these demands.</fdbk>
         <hint>Consider the points cited by Ibrahim Garba Shetima as their requirements from the government. Visit the Learn More section for information about the TSS.</hint>
   <instr type="eng">Read each question and type your response in the box provided. Click CHECK at the bottom of the screen to view the model response.</instr>
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         <category>Background Information</category>
         <note>1. _Matakin albashi_ (Teachers' salary structure) refers to a payment plan introduced by the Nigerian government to improve and regulate teachers' wages by compensating teachers in federally-run schools with a new increased salary. The plan does not include local state-run schools set by the states.</note>
         <note>1. _Min_ is the abbreviated form of _mini_ or _mani_.

2. _Ritaya_ comes from the English word "retire."

3. _Ringa_, or _riƙa_, means “to get in the habit of doing something.”</note>