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Notes, links to read or review, things to do, and other priorities:

Main TODO list

  1. Spirituality & Islam (Islamic related)
    1. The 99 names of Allah: Google "99 names of allah in Hausa".
    2. Suratul Kahf
    3. Bring over all available Pars Today (formerly IRIB Hausa, Iran's official w:International broadcasting radio network) labarai Tafseers (audio and texts) like Quran/18/IRIB_Hausa_Tafsir. When the first 27 or so Surahs are brought over... attempt to record your own Hausa translation of the of
    4. - combine the English and Hausa 40 Hadiths into a single page.
  2. Transparent Language Hausa Course
    1. User:HausaDictionary/TLCatalog (Similar categorization done by Merriam-Webster's online Spanish dictionary)
  3. SEO
  4. User:HausaDictionary/bbchausa verticals
  5. wiki links using Automatically put the double square brackets around (normal) words... haven't yet figured out how to make the regex handle more complex words with things like apostrophes, hyphens, and other special characters. Tagged with wikipedia, mediawiki, Hausa, and authored by
  6. Learn more advanced wiki linking syntax from Wiktionary:Entry_layout_explained#Meta_data, w:Help:Link, en:Help:Link, and then work on logically linking every possibly word while on here.
  7. Fix missing editor toolbar on here, the Simple English Wiktionary. Frustrating how it works as a different user or account but not User:HausaDictionary. Would greatly appreciate it if ANYONE knows how to resolve this. Much thanks in advanced!
  8. Utilize wiki Watchlists more as way of bookmarking.
  9. Possible mirror here or just use the Google cache.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

  2. <>
  3. via

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

  2. Fix misspelling for tsiro on

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

  1. TODO: Filter out of meta description tag Templates, Special pages and others like it for better and more logical SEO
    1. Basic Hausa Language Course #hausa #languagelearning via @SlideShare
    2. Thesis paper about Hausa dialects-By A.Sosal A. #differences #kananciandkabancidialects via @SlideShare
    3. Hausa dialects-By A. Sosal A. #differences #hausadialects via @SlideShare
  3. Who is Joseph Greenberg aka Joe Greenberg? via
    1. See also: via Google search of ' hausa'
  4. redirects to

Friday, January 20th, 2017

  3. Some great inspiration/model: The Brooklyn Paper (fb, @Brooklyn_Paper, @BklynPaperRadio) owned by Community Newspaper Group (CNG) (source): They seem to use their website, Mixlr, and social media very well! Speaking of which, a great bonus about Mixlr is that it seems it's the only solution that works for audio streaming while at work. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, most of the web like TuneIn and YouTube (accessible but every video may just hang.) is limited or blocked. Mixlr could be used it to stream live audio streams such as the local Hausa radio Radio Gotel, Yola[1], PGMA, Sunnah Radio and [ more]!
  4. To possibly improve, grow, and expand, hopefully efficiently, look into automation, WordNet® - a large machine-readable dictionary (MRD) and wikipedia:lexical database for the wikipedia:English language, and APIs like WordsAPI, WordnikAPI.

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

  1. Makers And Mavericks - 2016
  2. Köppe Verlag - African Studies / Africanistics, Cultural and Legal Anthropology, History of Christian Missions, and Sociology via Ana's Kanuri book
  3. "Line Between Nollywood & Kannywood Will Soon Be Invisible" - Ali Nuhu ( › News › Kannywood)

Fri Jan 27 2017

  1. 9AM: Gotel program with The Adamawa State Government Commissioner for Animals... Dr. Isa Salihu. Here are a selection of words to define:
    1. dabba (pl. dabbobi) <> animal (pl. animals)
    2. kwangila <> contract
    3. wanna ainihin situation <> that specific situation
  2. analytics "page value"

Mon Jan 30 2017

  1. @HausaJobs: Include scholarships... Came across J's scholarship retweet Jan 27th > googled "Africa" > scholarship "from Nigeria" > First tweet here... perhaps link tweet/social media to monetized tumblr blog instead of direct.

Fri Feb 3 2017

According to, the Hausa Wikipedia ranks #230 out of a total of 295 wikipedias! Hausa, the language with a conservative estimate of more than 50 million speakers. The same story follows with other Wikimedia projects such as the Hausa wiktionary. I as a bilingual Hausa English speaking wikipedian gain a lot of benefit from Wikipedia and would love to give back but just can't afford to simply volunteer the amount of time and effort necessary. Thus spawns my own wiki-centric web projects such as ( and HausaFilms.TV (think IMDb+Wikipedia for the Hausa movie industry). I understand that this defeats the crowd-sourced open nature of Wikis but I just don't see the Hausa projects expanding without any incentives. Would look into proposing a campaign idea via Grants:IdeaLab/Inspire or