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Pronunciation (Yadda ake faɗi)

  • Hausa


Yusufu (suna, namiji) sunan yankana namiji (daidai da Yusi ko Yusifu ko Isuhu/Isufu).


[1]Yusuf (also transliterated as Jusuf, Yousof, Yossef, Yousaf, Youcef, Yousef, Youssef, Yousif, Youssif, Youssouf, Yousuf, Yusef, Yuseff, Usef, Yusof, or Yussef, (يوسف, Yūsuf, and (Yūsif)) is a male Arabic name, meaning "Allah increases in piety, power and influence".[2] It is the Arabic equivalent of both the Hebrew name Yossef and the English name Joseph.

In Islam, the most famous "Yusuf" is the prophet Yusuf in the Quran.


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  2. From the Hebrew יהוה להוסיף YHWH Lhosif meaning "YHWH will increase/add".