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Pronunciation (Yadda ake faɗi)




Also (uncountable)

  1. (appearance) kama, fanni, al'amari. <> (countable) An aspect is a view of something, often something non-physical, such as an idea or a problem.
    Magana ta rabu uku = Magana tana da kama uku. <> The matter has three aspect.
    This could explain how the use of clothing has become such an integral aspect to many people's identity. [1] <> Wannan ya bayyana yadda tufafi suka zama wani muhimmin al'amari na nuna mutumtakar mutane. [2]
    In Chapter 2 we look at processor size. In Chapter 3 we consider other aspects of processor design.
  2. (Grammar) hange. <> In grammar, aspect is the verb form(s) that show the speaker's view of whether the situation is complete or happens again and again. English shows the progressive aspect by using (be) + -ing.
    "I go" and "I'm going" are both present tense, but "I'm going" is in the progressive aspect.


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