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English Noun



  1. A bar is a place that sells alcoholic drinks. <> Wajen da ake saida giya. Gidan mashaya.
    I'm going to drink beer at the bar.
  2. A bar is the counter or bench in a hotel or bar where drinks are sold.
    The waitress stood behind the bar and poured our drinks.
  3. A bar is a box-shaped piece of something.
    You can buy a bar of soap, or a bar of gold.
  4. A bar is a long, hard thing that looks like a stick.
    The prisoner was kept behind bars in the jail.



  1. (English verb: bar) prevent or forbid the entrance or movement of. <> kare hanya, hana
  2. (Hausa verb: bar) bari <> to leave, leaving, left, let go, stop, allow/permit.
    Ya bar wajen <> He left there.
    Ta bar ni zuwa liyafar. <> She allowed me to go to the party.

Google translation of bar

  1. (noun) guntu <> chip, piece, bar, fragment; layi <> line, row, bar; mahani <> bar, interference; maƙulli <> key, lock, bar, bolt;
  2. (verb) ƙulla <> tie, enclose, lock, bar; hana <> forbid, prevent, smother, prohibit, restrain, bar; ƙulle <> fasten, bar;