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more certainly

most certainly

  1. (sentence adverb) Without doubt, bound to occur, indeed <> lalle, ba shakka, a haƙiƙa, tabbas
  2. (of propositions) Used to agree with something, yes. <> E mana!; ƙwarai kuwa! sosai!
    we have certainly sent down to you a book in which is your mention. then will you not reason? <> lalle haƙiƙa mun saukar da wani littafi zuwa gare ku, a cikinsa akwai ambatonku. shin, to, ba ku hankalta? = [ 21:10 ] lalle, mun saukar da zuwa gare ku wani littafi mai ambatonku. shin, ba ku hankaltawa? --Qur'an 21:10
    Would you like to come with me? - Certainly. <> "Za ki so ki taho da ni?" - E mana!

Google translation of certainly

Hakika, lalle ne, haƙĩƙa.

  1. (adverb) lalle <> indeed, certainly;