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  1. (countable) The constitution of a country or organization is the basic set of laws that explain how all the other laws and rules must be made and followed. <> tsarin mulkin ƙasa. tsarin doka.
    To change the constitution, the government must have the agreement of 2/3 of the members of parliament.
  2. (countable) The constitution of a person or object is the qualities that best define that person or object. <> hujja da dokoki.
    His stubborn constitution led him into a number of conflicts he could have avoided.
    You’ll need a strong constitution, because you’ll likely be searching for someone to take responsibility for the problem — [1] <> Kana bukatar kafa hujja da dokoki saboda akwai yiwuwar zaka yi ta neman wanda zai dauki alhakin matsalar — [2]
  3. (state of health) halin jiki.

Google translation of constitution

Tsarin mulki.

  1. (noun) tsarin mulki <> constitution, regime;