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'dinya / ɗinya

['dinya/] (K.) = (S., Kats. & Z.) 'dunya {n.f.}.

  1. A tree with black plum-like fruit used in making ma'di. (Vide L.) (The stone of the fruit is called burzun 'd.)(= (G.) 'dumiya; vide makwaiwa.)
  2. Wearing two black gowns simultaneously, or wearing all black clothes.
  3. ['dinyar ma"ka/+fo" ta" nu/"na/+ a" a"lji/+fu+nsa"], said of a p. who is nervous of letting anything belonging to him out of his sight.
  4. ['dinyar bir+i"], a small variety of the tree 'dinya. (Vide L.)


  1. I. [dinya/] {n.f.; no pl.}.
    1. The spur-winged goose (Plectropterus gambensis). (= dumya; dumniya; duma-duma; dunya.)
    2. Knob-nosed goose. (= 'dani I.)
    3. ya/ yi wankan dinya, he has put on all new clothes.
  2. II. [dinya"] {n.f.} (Z.) = diya q.v.