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  1. Heavily is a quality of heavy, a great weight, load, effort, or to a large amount. <> mai nauyi, mai ɗaukar nauyi
    and those heavily laden [ with water ] <> Sa'an nan da girãgizai mãsu ɗaukar nauyi (na ruwa). = Sa'an nan da giragizai masu daukan ruwa. --Qur'an 51:2
    He dragged himself heavily out of the water and onto the boat.
    He drank heavily, which caused him many health problems.
    In his plays, he borrowed heavily from Shakespeare.
    When she heard the bad news, she sank heavily into the chair.
  2. sosai
    The design was heavily modified to create the MiG-31, [1] <> Domin an inganta zayyanarsa sosai, har aka samar da kirar MiG-31, [2]
    (Daniel 3:1, 2) And Nebuchadnezzar appears to have relied heavily on divination in planning his military moves. <> (Daniel 3:1, 2) Kuma kamar dai Nebuchadnezzar ya dogara sosai bisa duba don ya shirya tafiyar sojojinsa.

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