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more contagious

most contagious

  1. Of a disease, easily transmitted to others. <> cuta mai saurin yaɗuwa.
    The flu was so contagious that everybody in town got sick!
  2. Of a fashion, laughter, etc., easily passed on to others. <> abin da kan iya samun mutane da sauƙi.
    Wearing jeans was a contagious fad at that time.
  3. Of a person, having a disease that can be transmitted to another person by touch. <> mutum mai cutar da ke iya yaɗuwa.
    They were highly contagious, spreading bacteria to other people.
    Highly contagious; many people can quickly become infected <> Tana (Ebola) da saurin yaɗuwa; za ta iya kama mutane da yawa.