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entirely in Hausa

  1. gabaki ɗaya, gaba ɗaya
  2. duka/dukka
  3. cikakke

meaning of entirely in English





  1. Entirely refers to the full extent of doing something. It is another word for totally or completely. (synonyms: completely, totally, whole)
    It is entirely up to you on how you intend to get help for your project. I am only here to give advice. <> Kwata kwata gabaki ɗaya wannan aikin ya dangantaka da yadda ka nufa wajen buƙatar taimako. Aiki na a nan shi ne na bada shawara.
  2. When something is done entirely by a group of people, it is exclusive to them only.
    This project was done entirely by me, I did not ask for help from anyone else. <> Ni kaɗai ne na yi duka wannan aikin, ban tambayi kowa ba.
    This place is used entirely by the workers as they have a party today. Everyone else would have to find somewhere else to go to.


Google translation of entirely

Gaba ɗaya.

  1. (adverb) duka-duka <> entirely, totally;