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Pronunciation (Yadda ake faɗi)

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  1. A match is a game of football, tennis, etc. <> karawa, wasa, karon wasa.
    We lost the first match, but hope to win our next two. <> Mun faɗi a karawar mu ta farko, amma muna fatan cin masu zuwa guda biyu.
  2. A match is something that goes with something else because they are similar. <> daidai, kama, kamanta.
    I can't find a match for this sock. <> Na kasa samun ɗaya safar kamar ta wannan. = Na kasa samun safar da ta dace wannan.
  3. A match is a small stick that has a chemical on one end of it. You use it to make a fire. <> ashana.
    He lit a match for some light in the dark room. <> Ya ƙyasta ashana don a samu haske cikin ɗaki mai duhu.
  4. A match is a situation in which two things go together well. <> Yanayin da ake samu idan abubuwa biyu sun daidaita ko sun yi kama. Dacewa.



Plain form (yanzu)

3rd-person singular (ana cikin yi)

Past tense (ya wuce)

Past participle (ya wuce)

Present participle (ana cikin yi)

  1. (transitive & intransitive) If two things match, they go together because they are similar in some way. <> yi daidai, yi kama da, karawa da. yi asun da asun.
    Hatta jerin yatsun ma sun yi asun da asun, ta yadda K'afa da Hannu ke da babban yatsa d'aya [1]
    Look around for a table you like or one which most closely matches your room.
    I'll ask you some questions to see how you match up to the job.
    The wish for changes has not been matched by actions.
    Her intelligence was matched by her kindness.
    Your two socks don't match.
  2. (transitive); (usually passive) If you are matched against someone, you are their opponent in a competition. <> yi kara da wani team a wasa.


Google translation of match


  1. (noun) wasa <> game, play, match; karon wasa <> match; ashana <> match;
  2. (verb) daidaita <> coincide, coordinate, match, flatten, unify, straighten;