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to in English



  1. zuwa, zuwa ga, ga, da, wa. Often not translated with verbs indicating motion (see examples 3-5).
    1. The road to Kano <> Hanya zuwa Kano.
    2. From here to there. <> Daga nan zuwa can.
    3. They went to the market. <> Sun tafi kasuwa.
    4. They returned to school. <> Sun koma makaranta.
    5. I took her to the hospital. <> Na kai ta asibiti.
    6. The water came to his knees. <> Ruwan ya kai har ga gwiwowinsa.

to in Hausa

See toh (ok, alright, well, so)

Google translation of to

  1. (preposition) zuwa ga <> to;