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  1. albarkaci, tasiri <> power, authority (iko)
  2. An influence is a force that causes something to happen or for someone to do something.
    Amma duk da haka bincike ya nuna cewa wannan dama ta jin kanshi tana iya tasiri a kan tunani da dabi'ar mutum. [1] <> But research shows that smells can have a powerful subconscious influence on human thoughts and behaviour. [2]
    Aerosmith has been quite an influence on rock music.
    The works of Leonardo da Vinci have always been an influence on my artistic career.
  3. An influence is also power to affect or change someone or something by means of position or power.
    Sometimes, I feel like my parents have so much control that everything and everyone in the world is under their influence!
    It is very dangerous to drive under the influence of alcohol.
  4. become influential, <> tunjume.


Plain form (yanzu)

3rd-person singular (ana cikin yi)

Past tense (ya wuce)

Past participle (ya wuce)

Present participle (ana cikin yi)

  1. yi jagorar a yarda <> to lead to believe, do
  2. saka albarkaci ko canji <> If you influence something, you are forcing something to happen or for someone to do something.
    Doesn't this calm music just influence you to frolic in a meadow?
    Yoga has been known to influence a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
  3. sa a samu canji ko sauya. <> If you influence something, you can also be changing or swaying it.
    Vote-stacking can heavily influence an election.
    Conditions in the atmosphere influence weather.