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  1. A measure of how much material is in something. <> nauyi, nauyin abubuwa.
    The Earth has much more mass than the moon.
    The spacesuit weighed 75 pounds on Earth but here in outer space it weighed nothing, although its mass was exactly the same.
  2. Much material. <> ɗimbin kaya da yawa.
    A mass of dirty branches stopped the river.
  3. A Christian ceremony or sermon. <> wa'azi ko cin jibi a coci.
    He goes to mass every Sunday.
    Growing up as a Catholic, I observed religious rules and attended weekly Mass. <> A matsayi na na ɗan cocin Katolika, ina kiyaye dokokin addinai kuma ina halartar Coci mako-mako.
    I provided for the family by singing Mass in the Catholic Church. <> Na yi waƙoƙi sa’ad da ake cin jibi a Cocin Katolika.
  4. A crowd of people. <> taron mutane.
    A mass of protesters gathered at city hall.


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  1. (noun) taro <> mass, session, assembly, concentration, congregation, gathering; salla <> mass; tari <> collection, cough, pile, bank, set, mass;