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Plain form (yanzu)

3rd-person singular (ana cikin yi)

Past tense (ya wuce)

Past participle (ya wuce)

Present participle (ana cikin yi)

  1. If you spread something, you make it cover a larger area. To make public, publicize. <> yaɗawa / yaɗa
    In some respects, these publications are also like seeds that are spread everywhere. <> A wata sassa, waɗannan littattafai kama suke da iri da ake yaɗawa a ko’ina.
  2. If something spreads, the area it covers gets larger. <> bazu, bazuwa, baje, bajewa. shimfiɗa.
    The spilled water spread over the table.
    The disease spread through the whole city.
  3. If you spread two or more things, you move them away from each other.
    She spread her arms as wide as she could.
    My brothers and sisters spread to different places, all over the country, after we grew up.
  4. The past tense and past participle of spread.




  1. (countable) A spread is something you put on food. Margarine and mayonnaise are spreads.
  2. (countable) A spread is a piece of cloth you put over furniture. For one, a "bed spread."
  3. (countable) (informal) A spread is a large amount of something spread in front of you. This is most often food of many types.
  4. (countable) (informal) A spread is a large plot of land used for farming or ranching.

Google translation of spread

Yada, baza.

  1. (verb) baza <> spread, publicize; shimfiɗa <> spread, extend, stretch; yaɗa <> spread;