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Determiner / Pronoun



  1. (question) wane? m, wace? f, waɗanne/su wane?
    which way did they go? <> wace hanya suka bi?
    wanne? m; wacce f <> which one? (can sometimes be interchangeable with who in the context of a person(s) <> idan mutum mai rai a ke nufi, ana iya amfani da who)
    (plural / jam'i) waɗanne ka fi so? <> which ones do you prefer?
  2. (relative) You use which to add a clause to give more information about the thing you're talking about. <> da, wanda
    the bag which she lost <> jakar da ta yar
    the meat which I bought <> naman da na saya
    abin / wanda da ke... which does / is...
    The students could complete the program online, over the summer, after which they’d be eligible for scholarships. [1] <> Ɗaliban za su iya gama shirin a yanar gizo, a yanayin rani, bayan haka, za su iya samun guraben karatu. (which can be interchangeable with that in this context)

Google translation of which

  1. (adjective) na iri <> which;
  2. (pronoun) wane iri <> which; wace <> which; wane <> which;